Flying Fish, Baja Mexico Style

Linda and I recently spent some serious R&R time in Los Cabos (one of our favorite places to go), and were treated to an amazing display of aerobatics. While on a sunset cruise around the Arch of Cabo San Lucas aboard a 42' sail boat, we encountered several schools of Manta Rays, flying through the air, slapping themselves against the water as they came down. The sound, what must have been an unmistakable belly-flop, kept all of us aboard the boat, tuned into what was happening.



After chatting with the captain, and spending a little time on Google, I learned that this behavior is somewhat unique to this area (Sea of Cortez). Sometimes associated with mating season, it most often occurs when large numbers gather, and may be an effort to rid themselves of parasites that attached to their bodies.



It is truly an amazing event to experience. At times there where so many Rays flying and flopping it almost sounded like popcorn or a string of fire-crackers going off. If you ever the opportunity to go see this, you will not be disappointed!!

Images captured with a Sony RX100M2 camera.